Our goal is to is to get foreclosed properties repaired and occupied by a new homeowner. Frontier Enterprises is dedicated to putting homes and neighborhoods on the fast track to restoration.

Rich Munkvold

As a well-respected veteran of the housing and building industries, Rich Munkvold has helped many of Southern California’s leading home builders achieve success. Munkvold has more than 25 years of experience managing financial operations for some of the leading Builder 100 firms, and has overseen more than 6,000 deliveries exceeding $1.75 billion in value.

Munkvold joined Frontier Enterprises in May 2005 as chief financial officer overseeing all financial functions of the company that completed more than 2,500 deliveries. Munkvold oversaw the company’s financial operations in the year immediately leading up to Frontier Homes being named to the prestigious Builder 100 list, compiled annually by Professional Builder Magazine, based upon the company’s 2004 revenues of more than $300 million from nearly 800 deliveries.

Munkvold also oversees all financial activities for Frontier Enterprises, its affiliates and joint ventures, and is responsible for accounting and related activities, including internal and external financial reporting, capital procurement and lending relationships, as well as the information technology department. Munkvold is also a member of the executive planning committee.

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